newbie moments

Fresh in the streets old from Mkz…got some experience from 2go….registers on twitter expecting a greater deal:the streets aint so welcoming for the newbie everyone wants to see your avi the slightest idea of avi u know is m-avi owned by vee coz of the big ass she got …with all that crap the newbie meets lol what on earth is that shit I thought I went through 8-3-0 system in school ooh droped outta school that’s why..someone is rotflmao on their first tweet(“hey world”-forgot he aint got no follower)is he insulting me that word is too long to be a reply on my tweet the newbie gets into a tweef with some experienced fella and gets roasted twicides for 2weeks and returns to his zone mkz….gets back to the tworld finds more crap can’t figure em out dwl,lqtm,twerking,140 characters:tweet too long,bigwig,newbie,dm,blogs,bloggers,…omg,masakus(thieves)..thieves on the streets?..he protects his tweets and follows the police without thinking twice,follows obama,messi,uhuru,and tweeting em goodnight/morning like the tweep paid to do so. discovers viral following and nyakundi: becomes a deep ass kisser and twitters becomes a lil bit easy for em…loses crush to some bigwig now the tweep got a new motto:to become a bigwig….. Newbie/blondie moments on the streets is real..typos twende kazi….till next time newbies,bigwigs and tweeps on wigs 




enhancing lives through tech

AURENETWORKS Telecom is a Network Engineering and Design Company Specialising in Mid to Large size Corporation Design and Implementation of Local and Wide Area Networks with the goal of providing fast, reliable and unlimited Internet access with the vision of increasing productivity, employee performance and improved workflow. 
The C.E.O  Mr Christopher Auren ,  Has a vision for AURENETWORKS Telecom to become the leading Technological And Innovative company in Kenya with the widest and strongest coverage Dealing With,Software Development Telecommunications, Networking and Computer Engineering, InformationTechnology Projects, And E-Learning Systems Development.

7:00 am – 5:00 pm
7:00 am – 5:00 pm
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7:00 am – 5:00 pm

On the notion of God

Back in high school i have to acknowledge being an alumni of IHS first and foremost , there was this teacher of chemistry and he used to say”heri usome mtihani ukafail usijieke lawama aty heri ungesoma”(“its better you study for the exams so that if you fail you wont blame it on not studying’).then he used to say its better to believe in God so that if it be on the day of judgement you would rather be in a better position than not believing in God and finding “HIM is He A SHE?”seated by the throne. Kindly note that i didnt mention any religion here or God or deities of other religions.

Am christian i believe in existence of supreme being God and it doesnt make me any better than anybody,you would be astonished finding an atheist exclaiming “ooh my God!”and am like wtf!!! believe what you want to believe whats to discuss?





was Jesus black?there has been pages in the bible talking about black the color even white that what appears in the text and anyone of the school of theology or of personal knowledge can clarify me on any mistake i make on my opinion about this, okay so you’re christian and really concerned about #blackjesus or if He the son of God who is claimed to be one by most religions, am saying this because the nature of God is common among many religions;if you claim to be a true christian why would you question the color of Jesus without being Racist to your fellow human who might not be of the same color as you perceive Jesus or your God to be.it doesn’t make sense since i know of people who are not religious i think they call them pagans or kafirs that consider none of this and live better off than most of the people that will claim to be righteous

joker quotes

As a kid being a big fan of batman and the heroics he performed it came to my opinion that the joker would not give him a break since the joker was always troublesome and played his role well just like mojo jojo in power puff girls thats if you had a glimpse of it or even watched it.

The Joker is a supervillain created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson who first appeared in the debut issue of the comic book Batman (April 25, 1940), published by DC Comics. Credit for the Joker’s creation is disputed; Kane and Robinson claimed responsibility for the Joker’s design while acknowledging Finger’s writing contribution. Although the Joker was planned to be killed off during his initial appearance, he was spared by editorial intervention, allowing the character to endure as the archenemy of the superhero Batman.(wiki)

the above description of the joker has given me reason to why the joker never died easily,in the end as i continued following up on the joker movies and creations i came across the following graphical images you might also like:enjoy

Before dawn


I want to spend moments more than I spend my time,coz moments last forever ; I know one time when time goes by memories will fade away. Am ready for that because I believe that I will have something to reminisce about;

In the journey everything seems like a mystery;emotions will not know class or religion. I live I learn from inexperience to experience sunrise and sunset Time precious.Ambitions,dreams and nightmares.

In the darkness when reality seemed a nightmare. Of the silence like a grave yard .

Shadows ready to take a life under the moon thirsty for blood the time is right

In the exact minute that he had arrived was the beginning of his exit of the journey ,one gunshot screams follows that’s the sad ending.

It could be him,us ,me but it wasn’t of your time

None special when it cometh it doesn’t seek for an invite like a visitor who wasn’t invited none was

prepared for their visit.

In the the same place the other was lost another was found they cry and then dry their tears knowing none will ever tear them apart.

the winds continue as they whisper away chatting, giving life a meaning .at the hour before dawn,the cock crows the sun shines again and people are happy to see another day not being the victim.

gun violence and illegal firearms have cost us lives not forgetting excessive use of force by the police. may those that lost their lives through activism or protecting theirs rest in eternal peace


I try so hard to envision me in my mothers womb before i came into being. The formless state i was in before my first breath. I know deep inside that the world can do without me;coz i was never here in the first place. Each day under the sun trying to figure out my destiny in this life of sin. I had seen/heard things for the first time in my life and they seemed to have reoccoured to me once more i say no word of such occurences because it always seemed like a dream and deep down i knew i’d snap out of it: i have been detached from souls that caused an impact but still i can feel their existance from a distance. The society and expectations of i as i journey in this mystic world, they only realize your existance when u cause a reaction, did they foresee your coming into this familiar yet new environment? Still they want to choose a path for i. Do you know of soccer fans that forget the best games ever played since new ones are coming up?they are like the society once you gone to the world of the unknown they will still judge youngings..they could be right,they could be wrong,we may never know. formless to form.

#ZeroChills (memories back then)

#Ochills that’s what it is..The contents in this blog is uncensored if you on #teammorals walk yourself out of this blog…you been tweeting and suddenly some tweep replies to your tweet and ruins your mentions if you never been In this situation you doing twitter wrong or you get served by Subarus you aint even familiar with..below are some of zero chills u might have missed on the streets,tweeps getting served with or without a comebacks

–» @kimindiri yeah the tattoist and ofcourse the clit_piercer serves shiro at thirst point..with that I think the thirst level went to Zero,how could you even eat your own P?..well that question is rhetoric she knew how maybe..

–» @Infinity_212 serves @candykendi_ with no remorse..with that she might have believed she didn’t need belts no more….

—»@kenyan_boss acting like a gentlemen and replies to @gacherieys question..
–»while she(@daisynabu:) was busy subtweeting someone her reply was slowly loading without her knowing: @mcKym did the damage here..
daisy nabu

—» as soon as @joeWmuchiri opened his salon some one else was planning to make him close it earlier than expected..@makena__ now @Mankena takes him down at mushene point of no return..
joe muchiri
-»@masaku also on terry’s case..
—»@marthaKarua yeah the one Public figure you know or heard bout..decided she won’t let trollers prosper on her mentions @nel_kimz was the first victim to get served
Next victim on the list @Mkubaff ; He could have kept the question to himself coz the response made him realise he was asking the right question to the wrong person
martha karua
–» @RamzZy_ might have had a grudge with @jereoffishal coz the reply was one of kind 0 chills shown here,the dude might have wronged him doe..have a look and judge for yourself
Huddah and slyy_W have got one thing in common ..they always getting trolled
–»for once huddah had ideas.. but twitter streets aint the right place for that..have a look↓
She later decides to post a pic of herself with no make up, but at some point I agree with the dude her eyes looked like she had not yet decided where to look at when she took the pic
–»@ slyy_W goes from semen dustbin to nywele ya matako ya mugabe damn!!!streets mean Af

She comes out strong and tries to get a comeback at Mama kerubo
sly comeback
–»@brayo_iz_me take down some tweep whom I think might had been tweeting near a sewage site
He goes further on and takes down some tweep tryna set standards on the streets and yet she can’t read a whole page of standard magazine
brayo peelings

–»next victim is @iwateba the monologue guru..after that, niggah wouldn’t be tweeting later than 12 am, @Kimanzi_s bile couldn’t let him prosper..
–» @dendai served shee ..how dafuq could she have tweeted semen though?..thirst tings..ok I wasn’t supposed to know that though
dendai semen
–»mama kerubo gets served by @freddieUk after he tried hating on darkskins..think he deserved that doe..he be like a pot calling the kettle black
freddie uk
–one stone killing two birds at the same damn time..(Subarus/subtweets)
@nairobi_lady serves the bald headed dude with no mercy at all
She later decides to hit nyakundi hard with her subtweet..0 chills shown here

–» @mainneli showed no remorse here..I don’t know if the chiq curved him before or it just happened damn!!

Catching feelings is not advisable on the streets if you don’t expect all that, facebook can’t do without ya!..got trolled? Prepare a comeback or Stfu,stop bitching and act up,….
Disclaimer any typo committed in this blog
has been done intentionally grammar nazis
calm your tit ties,accept and move on don’t
hold grudges .. OBEY Twitter Codes..

am out till nxt time tweeps.


Hey,,hey.. hey..guess what curved is back:if you missed on season one just hit the hash tag on twitter #curvedSeasonone and know what its all about..this season presents different persona’s and different curves be it kabadian, normal curves or mean curves hold up!! Yes I meant it kabadian curve..featuring on this season are:

※ _c_hacha
※ iz_patel k
※random curves

1.tukei-yeah the broke tweep,don’t know why yall say he broke doe..be sure he didn’t pay me to feature him..dude got curved while asking for nudes from a male tweep:sad for him though


Following tweeps like tukei might get him sliding in your dm like..

2._kaana_- the one blogger you know ,blogged on “keeping up with the bigwigs”.. Its sad that bloggers get curved too,you just don’t know when its coming..sorry bruh but you got curved , the self proclaimed cutest kot did the damage here..you should expect “keeping up with the curves” from _kaana_ soon

kaana owned

3.@Ombajo-i won’t blame him though..hii curve nacheki ni moshi ya stove ilimuonyesha athirst to that level..but think luck is never by his side….


Ombajo gets served again but by a different chic..life is getting hard for this tweep though

4.@_c_hacha thirst at its best lmao :with that thirst dude can drain the whole lake victoria ..this curve might have quenched the thirst though..


5.while @misango was bragging bout not being curved in 2014…he never knew a curve was *loading*till he got hit by one

6.@fappingKenyan should have stuck to fapping..this curve would lower your self esteem though..mean Af


7.@chrisKe_ gets served by @kym254* yeah ule kym mmoja wa joe muchiri *..to a point of no return..I don’t think he went anywhere after that curve

8.@arumba_jr gets served while trying to compliment some chic..damn these streets mean though…\

newarumba Jr

9.I know yall was wondering bout mint .. Dude must be the starring..he all over my curve blogs coz he usually gets curved but still survives the next episode..I know some chic will finally take him down but not anytime soon
Coz dude never gives up ,go on bruh

10.Sad for @wafunya..his blood line automatically curves him..dude didn’t even know he was related to lauraMahaga , he might have been fapping to her photos too


11.But @mainneli curve was very mean..curving someone on a roll call though atleast he should have let her prosper but shit happens

12.@georgekarrey gets served real hard..but I think his dreams might soon come true or he might just suffer the same fate


13.Iz_patel gets served by @lindakaloki don’t know what he asked her..but hey there goes the curve ↓


14.Damn!! Then this curve though…aint fair calling someone sweetheart on the tl and that’s what you get …

15.Dude tried to get nudes from this babe but all went wrong.. Be clever enough not to ask for nudes on the timeline u don’t know what she thinking when she setting a thirst trap.

To wrap it all is this stupid curve…I don’t know who did this had to feature it though..it might or might not be curve just check it out ↓↓

If you curve tweeps for retweets you have a special place in hell..curving tweeps and still complaining bout dryspell makes you look stupid.
Worrying about being thirsty or getting curved will stop you from getting the good girl you want just go for what you want you might gerrit.
If you thirsty though you got to quench your thirst ..you dont have to die like this↓↓↓

.till next time tweeps watch out for my next blog..hold up!! almost forgot IT AINT THAT SERIOUS
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Some tweeps wondering what curved is,how do guise get curved?…or is it the graph curve they learnt back in school ?…this is curved season one, presenting the curved kings and queens of twitter..mostly, dudes get curved but hey don’t get surprised…presenting the top man on le curve 1. @wafunya..thirst will surely get you curved:u can’t be thirsty and avoid getting curved it just can’t work that way…
.. check this out

2.At second place polycarp gets curved hard, with that kinda curve he would have renamed himself to polyCUrved damn!!!!..nigga got owned!!!

3.Co-operate curving::then this tweep –}(@kennytoonz) got curved by safaricom…curving just gone to another level..dude must have shifted to airtel or orange after that curve..guess he deserved it

4.@_yodahe is at it..I feel sorry for the dude but hey shit happen ,u just don’t know when u getting curved

5.Then @mintintosh gets served,the street mean Af this must have made him twicide for like 3 weeks..funny though

6.Then this

Ladies have mercy at times this can get someone committing suicide..mean Af

7.Polite curve from @brendamwanaidi ..but a curve still a curve no matter how u put it.. lmao

8.@shertarshe seems to be enjoying the curve game though she be taking tweeps down like sherkiesha..

9Then @idler254 takes down a chic,no mercy show here…

Then he goes on and knocks out another chic..ladies just let’s us do the proposing
,This Is why ↓

10.Then I saw this..@coykaranja gets served by @danfar_: shit getting serious in the streets

Real niggas get curved keep trying you might get what u want..lmao am just joking,inspiration shit aint ma thing

…Disclaimer any typo committed in this blog has been done intentionally grammar nazis calm your tit ties,get curved and move on don’t hold grudges .. OBEY LECURVE..
..Curved season two will be out in two weeks time watch out if u missed in this one..till next time tweeps….