newbie moments

Fresh in the streets old from Mkz…got some experience from 2go….registers on twitter expecting a greater deal:the streets aint so welcoming for the newbie everyone wants to see your avi the slightest idea of avi u know is m-avi owned by vee coz of the big ass she got …with all that crap the newbie meets lol what on earth is that shit I thought I went through 8-3-0 system in school ooh droped outta school that’s why..someone is rotflmao on their first tweet(“hey world”-forgot he aint got no follower)is he insulting me that word is too long to be a reply on my tweet the newbie gets into a tweef with some experienced fella and gets roasted twicides for 2weeks and returns to his zone mkz….gets back to the tworld finds more crap can’t figure em out dwl,lqtm,twerking,140 characters:tweet too long,bigwig,newbie,dm,blogs,bloggers,…omg,masakus(thieves)..thieves on the streets?..he protects his tweets and follows the police without thinking twice,follows obama,messi,uhuru,and tweeting em goodnight/morning like the tweep paid to do so. discovers viral following and nyakundi: becomes a deep ass kisser and twitters becomes a lil bit easy for em…loses crush to some bigwig now the tweep got a new motto:to become a bigwig….. Newbie/blondie moments on the streets is real..typos twende kazi….till next time newbies,bigwigs and tweeps on wigs 



Published by zero364

Am blessed to be alive

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