Some tweeps wondering what curved is,how do guise get curved?…or is it the graph curve they learnt back in school ?…this is curved season one, presenting the curved kings and queens of twitter..mostly, dudes get curved but hey don’t get surprised…presenting the top man on le curve 1. @wafunya..thirst will surely get you curved:u can’t be thirsty and avoid getting curved it just can’t work that way…
.. check this out

2.At second place polycarp gets curved hard, with that kinda curve he would have renamed himself to polyCUrved damn!!!!..nigga got owned!!!

3.Co-operate curving::then this tweep –}(@kennytoonz) got curved by safaricom…curving just gone to another level..dude must have shifted to airtel or orange after that curve..guess he deserved it

4.@_yodahe is at it..I feel sorry for the dude but hey shit happen ,u just don’t know when u getting curved

5.Then @mintintosh gets served,the street mean Af this must have made him twicide for like 3 weeks..funny though

6.Then this

Ladies have mercy at times this can get someone committing suicide..mean Af

7.Polite curve from @brendamwanaidi ..but a curve still a curve no matter how u put it.. lmao

8.@shertarshe seems to be enjoying the curve game though she be taking tweeps down like sherkiesha..

9Then @idler254 takes down a chic,no mercy show here…

Then he goes on and knocks out another chic..ladies just let’s us do the proposing
,This Is why ↓

10.Then I saw this..@coykaranja gets served by @danfar_: shit getting serious in the streets

Real niggas get curved keep trying you might get what u want..lmao am just joking,inspiration shit aint ma thing

…Disclaimer any typo committed in this blog has been done intentionally grammar nazis calm your tit ties,get curved and move on don’t hold grudges .. OBEY LECURVE..
..Curved season two will be out in two weeks time watch out if u missed in this one..till next time tweeps….

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