Hey,,hey.. hey..guess what curved is back:if you missed on season one just hit the hash tag on twitter #curvedSeasonone and know what its all about..this season presents different persona’s and different curves be it kabadian, normal curves or mean curves hold up!! Yes I meant it kabadian curve..featuring on this season are:

※ _c_hacha
※ iz_patel k
※random curves

1.tukei-yeah the broke tweep,don’t know why yall say he broke doe..be sure he didn’t pay me to feature him..dude got curved while asking for nudes from a male tweep:sad for him though


Following tweeps like tukei might get him sliding in your dm like..

2._kaana_- the one blogger you know ,blogged on “keeping up with the bigwigs”.. Its sad that bloggers get curved too,you just don’t know when its coming..sorry bruh but you got curved , the self proclaimed cutest kot did the damage here..you should expect “keeping up with the curves” from _kaana_ soon

kaana owned

3.@Ombajo-i won’t blame him though..hii curve nacheki ni moshi ya stove ilimuonyesha athirst to that level..but think luck is never by his side….


Ombajo gets served again but by a different chic..life is getting hard for this tweep though

4.@_c_hacha thirst at its best lmao :with that thirst dude can drain the whole lake victoria ..this curve might have quenched the thirst though..


5.while @misango was bragging bout not being curved in 2014…he never knew a curve was *loading*till he got hit by one

6.@fappingKenyan should have stuck to fapping..this curve would lower your self esteem though..mean Af


7.@chrisKe_ gets served by @kym254* yeah ule kym mmoja wa joe muchiri *..to a point of no return..I don’t think he went anywhere after that curve

8.@arumba_jr gets served while trying to compliment some chic..damn these streets mean though…\

newarumba Jr

9.I know yall was wondering bout mint .. Dude must be the starring..he all over my curve blogs coz he usually gets curved but still survives the next episode..I know some chic will finally take him down but not anytime soon
Coz dude never gives up ,go on bruh

10.Sad for @wafunya..his blood line automatically curves him..dude didn’t even know he was related to lauraMahaga , he might have been fapping to her photos too


11.But @mainneli curve was very mean..curving someone on a roll call though atleast he should have let her prosper but shit happens

12.@georgekarrey gets served real hard..but I think his dreams might soon come true or he might just suffer the same fate


13.Iz_patel gets served by @lindakaloki don’t know what he asked her..but hey there goes the curve ↓


14.Damn!! Then this curve though…aint fair calling someone sweetheart on the tl and that’s what you get …

15.Dude tried to get nudes from this babe but all went wrong.. Be clever enough not to ask for nudes on the timeline u don’t know what she thinking when she setting a thirst trap.

To wrap it all is this stupid curve…I don’t know who did this had to feature it though..it might or might not be curve just check it out ↓↓

If you curve tweeps for retweets you have a special place in hell..curving tweeps and still complaining bout dryspell makes you look stupid.
Worrying about being thirsty or getting curved will stop you from getting the good girl you want just go for what you want you might gerrit.
If you thirsty though you got to quench your thirst ..you dont have to die like this↓↓↓

.till next time tweeps watch out for my next blog..hold up!! almost forgot IT AINT THAT SERIOUS
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