#ZeroChills (memories back then)

#Ochills that’s what it is..The contents in this blog is uncensored if you on #teammorals walk yourself out of this blog…you been tweeting and suddenly some tweep replies to your tweet and ruins your mentions if you never been In this situation you doing twitter wrong or you get served by Subarus you aint even familiar with..below are some of zero chills u might have missed on the streets,tweeps getting served with or without a comebacks

–» @kimindiri yeah the tattoist and ofcourse the clit_piercer serves shiro at thirst point..with that I think the thirst level went to Zero,how could you even eat your own P?..well that question is rhetoric she knew how maybe..

–» @Infinity_212 serves @candykendi_ with no remorse..with that she might have believed she didn’t need belts no more….

—»@kenyan_boss acting like a gentlemen and replies to @gacherieys question..
–»while she(@daisynabu:) was busy subtweeting someone her reply was slowly loading without her knowing: @mcKym did the damage here..
daisy nabu

—» as soon as @joeWmuchiri opened his salon some one else was planning to make him close it earlier than expected..@makena__ now @Mankena takes him down at mushene point of no return..
joe muchiri
-»@masaku also on terry’s case..
—»@marthaKarua yeah the one Public figure you know or heard bout..decided she won’t let trollers prosper on her mentions @nel_kimz was the first victim to get served
Next victim on the list @Mkubaff ; He could have kept the question to himself coz the response made him realise he was asking the right question to the wrong person
martha karua
–» @RamzZy_ might have had a grudge with @jereoffishal coz the reply was one of kind 0 chills shown here,the dude might have wronged him doe..have a look and judge for yourself
Huddah and slyy_W have got one thing in common ..they always getting trolled
–»for once huddah had ideas.. but twitter streets aint the right place for that..have a look↓
She later decides to post a pic of herself with no make up, but at some point I agree with the dude her eyes looked like she had not yet decided where to look at when she took the pic
–»@ slyy_W goes from semen dustbin to nywele ya matako ya mugabe damn!!!streets mean Af

She comes out strong and tries to get a comeback at Mama kerubo
sly comeback
–»@brayo_iz_me take down some tweep whom I think might had been tweeting near a sewage site
He goes further on and takes down some tweep tryna set standards on the streets and yet she can’t read a whole page of standard magazine
brayo peelings

–»next victim is @iwateba the monologue guru..after that, niggah wouldn’t be tweeting later than 12 am, @Kimanzi_s bile couldn’t let him prosper..
–» @dendai served shee ..how dafuq could she have tweeted semen though?..thirst tings..ok I wasn’t supposed to know that though
dendai semen
–»mama kerubo gets served by @freddieUk after he tried hating on darkskins..think he deserved that doe..he be like a pot calling the kettle black
freddie uk
–one stone killing two birds at the same damn time..(Subarus/subtweets)
@nairobi_lady serves the bald headed dude with no mercy at all
She later decides to hit nyakundi hard with her subtweet..0 chills shown here

–» @mainneli showed no remorse here..I don’t know if the chiq curved him before or it just happened damn!!

Catching feelings is not advisable on the streets if you don’t expect all that, facebook can’t do without ya!..got trolled? Prepare a comeback or Stfu,stop bitching and act up,….
Disclaimer any typo committed in this blog
has been done intentionally grammar nazis
calm your tit ties,accept and move on don’t
hold grudges .. OBEY Twitter Codes..

am out till nxt time tweeps.

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Am blessed to be alive

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