I try so hard to envision me in my mothers womb before i came into being. The formless state i was in before my first breath. I know deep inside that the world can do without me;coz i was never here in the first place. Each day under the sun trying to figure out my destiny in this life of sin. I had seen/heard things for the first time in my life and they seemed to have reoccoured to me once more i say no word of such occurences because it always seemed like a dream and deep down i knew i’d snap out of it: i have been detached from souls that caused an impact but still i can feel their existance from a distance. The society and expectations of i as i journey in this mystic world, they only realize your existance when u cause a reaction, did they foresee your coming into this familiar yet new environment? Still they want to choose a path for i. Do you know of soccer fans that forget the best games ever played since new ones are coming up?they are like the society once you gone to the world of the unknown they will still judge youngings..they could be right,they could be wrong,we may never know. formless to form.

Published by zero364

Am blessed to be alive

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