Before dawn


I want to spend moments more than I spend my time,coz moments last forever ; I know one time when time goes by memories will fade away. Am ready for that because I believe that I will have something to reminisce about;

In the journey everything seems like a mystery;emotions will not know class or religion. I live I learn from inexperience to experience sunrise and sunset Time precious.Ambitions,dreams and nightmares.

In the darkness when reality seemed a nightmare. Of the silence like a grave yard .

Shadows ready to take a life under the moon thirsty for blood the time is right

In the exact minute that he had arrived was the beginning of his exit of the journey ,one gunshot screams follows that’s the sad ending.

It could be him,us ,me but it wasn’t of your time

None special when it cometh it doesn’t seek for an invite like a visitor who wasn’t invited none was

prepared for their visit.

In the the same place the other was lost another was found they cry and then dry their tears knowing none will ever tear them apart.

the winds continue as they whisper away chatting, giving life a meaning .at the hour before dawn,the cock crows the sun shines again and people are happy to see another day not being the victim.

gun violence and illegal firearms have cost us lives not forgetting excessive use of force by the police. may those that lost their lives through activism or protecting theirs rest in eternal peace

Published by zero364

Am blessed to be alive

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