On the notion of God

Back in high school i have to acknowledge being an alumni of IHS first and foremost , there was this teacher of chemistry and he used to say”heri usome mtihani ukafail usijieke lawama aty heri ungesoma”(“its better you study for the exams so that if you fail you wont blame it on not studying’).then he used to say its better to believe in God so that if it be on the day of judgement you would rather be in a better position than not believing in God and finding “HIM is He A SHE?”seated by the throne. Kindly note that i didnt mention any religion here or God or deities of other religions.

Am christian i believe in existence of supreme being God and it doesnt make me any better than anybody,you would be astonished finding an atheist exclaiming “ooh my God!”and am like wtf!!! believe what you want to believe whats to discuss?





was Jesus black?there has been pages in the bible talking about black the color even white that what appears in the text and anyone of the school of theology or of personal knowledge can clarify me on any mistake i make on my opinion about this, okay so you’re christian and really concerned about #blackjesus or if He the son of God who is claimed to be one by most religions, am saying this because the nature of God is common among many religions;if you claim to be a true christian why would you question the color of Jesus without being Racist to your fellow human who might not be of the same color as you perceive Jesus or your God to be.it doesn’t make sense since i know of people who are not religious i think they call them pagans or kafirs that consider none of this and live better off than most of the people that will claim to be righteous

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