#ZeroChills (memories back then)

#Ochills that’s what it is..The contents in this blog is uncensored if you on #teammorals walk yourself out of this blog…you been tweeting and suddenly some tweep replies to your tweet and ruins your mentions if you never been In this situation you doing twitter wrong or you get served by Subarus you aint evenContinue reading “#ZeroChills (memories back then)”


Hey,,hey.. hey..guess what curved is back:if you missed on season one just hit the hash tag on twitter #curvedSeasonone and know what its all about..this season presents different persona’s and different curves be it kabadian, normal curves or mean curves hold up!! Yes I meant it kabadian curve..featuring on this season are: ※tukei ※_kaana_ ※ombajo_Continue reading “#curvedseasonTwo”


Some tweeps wondering what curved is,how do guise get curved?…or is it the graph curve they learnt back in school ?…this is curved season one, presenting the curved kings and queens of twitter..mostly, dudes get curved but hey don’t get surprised…presenting the top man on le curve 1. @wafunya..thirst will surely get you curved:u can’tContinue reading “#CurvedSeasonOne”